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High Pressure “Green” Pipe Cleaning

Have you ever been stuck in a situation where the inside of your sewer pipe was clogged with old and nasty crud, yet you couldn’t fix it with conventional methods? No need to worry now, because the art of Hydro Jetting used by AmeriServe is here to save the day. With such strong and advanced technology which harnesses the power of high-speed water blasting, any buildup in your pipes will be cleared.

Essentially, Hydro Jetting is simply using high-pressure water (4,000 PSI to be exact) to efficiently clean sewer and pipe lines. Even more impressive is the flow rate of these machines, sometimes as high as eighteen gallons per minute! Imagine the cleaning power of eighteen gallons of water blasting out of a hose each minute. Not only can this clean pipes, but it also has the ability to descale iron and remove grease. Sometimes traditional methods just aren’t up to par. All they will do is create a hole in the backup, leaving it completely vulnerable to quickly having more buildup accumulate. Besides the better efficiency, this procedure is extremely environmentally  friendly! What can possibly be better than having such an effective cleanser while also protecting the environment?

If your wondering where you can find this technology, look no further. Here at AmeriServe, we are a family owned business which specializes in many different plumbing techniques, including Hydro Jetting. We have been in business since 1995 in Warren and Hunterdon County, New Jersey, and we plan on continuing our success for a long time. With many full years of experience, you can count on us to fix any sewer line problems you might have with our advanced Hydro Jets! It is essential to use a certified plumbing contractor in order to receive the professional and quality service that you deserve, and this certified service is right here at AmeriServe.


Clearly, Hydro Jetting is an impressive service that we offer to please our customers. You are sure to be impressed by the quality cleansing that our technology is capable of without the use of harmful, caustic chemicals. You simply cannot go wrong with using Hydro Jetting offered by our quality and certified professionals! Call now at (800) 367-5309




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