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    Each winter you rely on your heater to keep your family warm. Make sure it’s working efficiently so that you are not left in the cold with an unexpected repair. AmeriServe offers comprehensive heating repair, installation and maintenance for your heater or boiler.

    Symptoms of a Unit in Need of Repair

    Strange noises coming from your furnace are generally warning signs for any homeowner. Although furnaces are not the quietest appliance, extensively noisy furnaces can be a sign of damage. Whining, groaning, or banging are those “unusual” sounds that can signal a need for a professional technician.

    Poor functioning thermostat can be a sign that it may be time for repair services. This could be displayed by high or low readings and extensive time needed for heating. A properly functioning thermostat will not only keep your home comfortable, but it can also keep your other utilities functioning efficiently.

    A large jump in utility bills can indicate a problem with an HVAC unit any time of the year. A common cause of a utility use spike is a fan that is not shutting itself off properly. There are quite a few reasons the furnace will cause a sudden rise in your utility bills. Calling an HVAC specialist will save time narrowing down and repairing the cause.


    Common Heater RepairsHeating and Boiler Services in Easton, PA and Phillipsburg, NJ

    If there was ever an upside to needing heater repair, it’s the fact that signs of a potential heater failure can be easy to spot. Strange noises, lack of heat, a rising heat bill or inconsistent heating are all signs you may need repair. Some common heater repairs we see include:

    • Air filter issues – Keeping your air filter clean is imperative to running an efficient heater. Dirty or clogged filters can cause serious problems.
    • Broken or malfunctioning thermostat – If your heater is turning off or not heating properly, you may be experiencing thermostat issues.
    • Mechanical problems – The mechanical components in your heater can wear out. Things like motors and belts malfunctioning can cause serious issues with your heater.

    The best way to prevent unexpected heater repairs is to stay ahead of the game. With regular repairs and inspections you can stay on top of your heaters needs.

    Why Choose Ameriserve

    Ameriserve Services, we’ve got you covered. We offer emergency services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We understand that without a heater, your family is not only uncomfortable, but possibly in danger when the temperature drops too low. Your house is supposed to be a sanctuary from freezing temperatures. So, if your unit is not doing its job, come to us.

    Our technicians will show up on time with a friendly attitude and the right tools for the repairs. You can expect nothing less, since our 100% guarantee ensures you will be happy with the results. You will always feel like our top priority when you work with our team for your repair or installation needs. Why go anywhere else?

    Our team is:

    • Courteous
    • Professional
    • Punctual
    • Experienced

    We stock many essential parts, and offer an impressive selection of heaters in case yours cannot be repaired. If you are feeling a little cold in New Jersey, heating repair may be on your mind. Contact Ameriserve Services to set up an appointment. We’ll return you to comfort in no time.

    Are you looking for heating repair services? Contact Ameriserve Services at 1-(800) 367-5309 for immediate service today.

    How to Save Money on Heating Costs

    Every homeowner’s goal is to save money. This is particularly true when it comes to your heater. There are several things you can do to save money on heating costs in your home. Try these tricks and tips and see how much you can save:

    • Invest in annual maintenance to make sure everything is working efficiently.
    • Make sure your air filters are cleaned or changed at least twice per year.
    • Clean your air ducts regularly.
    • If your heater is needing frequent repairs or costing you more to run, it may be time for a replacement. A more efficient unit will cost less to run.
    • Furnace repair and installation

    • Boiler repair and installation

    • Air, Water and Steam Heat

    • Oil and Gas heat Service

    • Thermostates

    • Circulators, Fans and Motors

    • Humidifiers, filters, Uv lights

    Heating Repair Service

    New System Installation

    Heating Maintenance and Tune-ups

    Air Filtration and Indoor Air Quality

    Hire a Professional for Heater or Boiler Installations

    When installing a new heater or boiler, there are fragile components, and the danger of working around combustible fumes and fuels. Hiring an experienced professional is definitely the better option. A professional can make sure all the components are working correctly and cohesively. They will take into account your ductwork and registers and will observe all the latest building and safety codes. When it comes to installing your new heater or boiler, a professional can make the job go by like a breeze.

    Call AmeriServe Today

    If you need professional heating or boiler repair, maintenance or installation, call the experts at AmeriServe. Dialing (800)367-5309 and speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members today.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why should i replace my heating system?

    There are several reasons to replace your current home heating system with a newer model. Of course, if your system is not working or is frequently in need of repair, you should probably consider an upgrade rather than continuing to pay repair costs.

    However, even if your system is working fine, it may still be worth making the transition to a newer model. That is because the heating systems available now are so much more efficient than their predecessors that the monthly energy savings you will receive on your bill will quickly offset the cost of the installation. Even if your system is not that old, it is worth finding out how it compares to the energy efficient models on the market today.


    The AFUE ratings on furnaces have to do with how efficient they are at turning fuel into heat. An 80% AFUE furnace converts 80% of the fuel it uses directly into heat, while a 90% AFUE furnace makes direct use of 90% of its fuel.

    This means that the higher the AFUE rating, the more efficient the furnace is. A 90% AFUE furnace will help you save on heating costs as opposed to an 80% AFUE model because it wastes less fuel. Of course, the 90+% furnaces are often more expensive to purchase and install.

    So in order to determine which type of furnace is right for you, you will have to figure out exactly where your usage falls. If you live in a warmer area without harsh winters, you probably will not save enough with the more energy efficient furnace to offset the higher purchase price. If you use your furnace a lot, however, the monthly energy savings can be well worth the larger initial investment.


    Most manufacturers recommend having your home heating system serviced once a year. These visits allow technicians to clean and inspect all parts of the system and perform any necessary repairs. They keep systems functioning much more efficiently and can help to extend the life of the entire system.

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