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    Faucet and Fixture Services

    Ball faucets use a ball to regulate hot and cold water flow, and do not implement a washer. Usually this type of faucet has one handle which can be rotated to the right for cold water and the left for hot.

    Disc faucets, with one or two handles, refer to the discs contained within the cylinder of the faucet which control hot, cold and in between water temperatures.

    Cartridge faucets usually only have one handle which moves up and down, changing the level of water flow through the cartridge, while the handle can also be moved left or right for hot or cold settings.

    The oldest type of faucet, the compression faucet, has two handles which must be tightened to stop all water flow. However, faucets should not be installed by homeowners due to their complex nature and the potential for water damage if installed incorrectly. An experienced certified contractor can perform the job correctly the first time and ensure a smooth repair or bathroom remodel.

    There are many reasons to upgrade faucets in a home. For example, the cheapest option, the compression faucet, is also the most prone to leaks and other problems requiring repair. A rubber seal in compression faucets presses against a brass valve seat when faucet handles are shut off tight, stopping water flow. If the seat is not regularly ground down or the rubber seal is not replaced before it weakens, leaks can occur. Furthermore, although cartridge faucets require only periodic maintenance, often the entire cartridge will need to be replaced. Disc faucets however require no repairs or replacement over the course of a lifetime.

    Perhaps the most cost-effective benefit to faucet replacement is the remodeling value. An upgraded faucet can make an old sink look new again, and function well as part of a bathroom renovation. Faucets are not simply chrome, nickel or brass — they come in all shapes, sizes and design themes. Many are twisted into non conventional shapes, while others form simple bowls or troughs which let water gently fall into the sink basin.

    AmeriServe is the clear choice for faucet replacement in Warren and Hunterdon County, NJ. We have operated since 1995 and back our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In addition, we provide HVAC services, anytime emergency plumbing, sewer cleaning, water heater installation and repair, toilet and disposal repair, as well as bathroom remodeling and air conditioning or heating services.




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