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Fall is here… Winter is coming… will you be warm and comfortable through
it all? A properly running HVAC system can mean the difference between comfort
and discomfort in your home. After all, you invested in a furnace or HVAC
system so the following article will help you maximize your investment. You can
enjoy a warm, worry-free home through the fall and winter when you use these
tips to maintain your HVAC system.

heating control

all the vent and air exchange covers in your home and ensure they
are free of dust and debris, and are not blocked by furniture or large objects.
This will help to keep dust from blowing around your home and also make sure
proper air flow and consistent heat to each room.

Clean and/or replace your HVAC filters regularly (as often as is
recommended by the furnace manufacturer or your HVAC installing expert). In
many cases, you may able to vacuum the filter every month (more often if you
have pets) and replace the filter every 3-4 months.

Have your ducts cleaned regularly. Before winter is a great time to have
them cleaned because the windows will be closed for winter so you won’t get new
dust and debris coming in. Vacuum your home around the same time to eliminate
any dust that is currently outside of the ductwork, to keep it from cycling
back in.

Test your HVAC system before you need it. Run your system and listen for
unusual sounds or smells.

You’ll want to do this for two reasons.

  1. First, you might notice a very slight burning smell as
    a small amount of dust burns off of the heating unit, so it’s nice to be able
    to open the windows and air that out. (Note: the burning smell should disappear
    quickly. If it persists or is very strong, shut your HVAC unit down and call an
    HVAC expert right away.)
  2. Second, testing your HVAC system before you need it
    means that if there is a problem, you can get it fixed right away instead of
    being uncomfortably cold while the system is being repaired!

If you try running your HVAC system and it doesn’t turn on, look at the
following things first:

  • Is your HVAC unit
    plugged in?
  • Did you check the
    circuit breakers to make sure they are in the correct position?
  • Do the batteries
    need to be changed in your thermostat?

These 3 simple steps could be the difference between an HVAC system that
works and one that doesn’t.

If your HVAC unit has pipes that connect to the outside of your house
(such as exhaust and fresh air intake pipes), make sure they are clear of
debris and not blocked by anything.

If you need to call an HVAC professional, check the brand name and model
number of your HVAC unit over the phone. This will help them understand the
situation better even before they arrive at your home.


With the colder weather on its way, it’s important to make sure that
your home is safe and comfortable for your family. That means making sure your
HVAC system is running the way you want it to run. Use these tips and ideas to
help you have a more comfortable home for your family.